Shiny Hunting

Shiny Eevee! He hatched today after 512 eggs! This is a hunt I’ve been meaning to do for a while, shiny sylveon is amazing. His IV’s came out perfect, and I was happy to be able to breed it in a dive ball as well!

Shiny fletchling! He appeared today after 478 eggs. Didn’t get gale wings unfortunately, but his IV’s are perfect and he’s still a gorgeous shiny! 

My other egg target has shone! Shiny noibat after 1619 eggs!! I started hatching for this guy a week before I started hatching scythers, so happy he finally appeared! Rather cool how close together they hatched as well.

Shiny Scyther! I’ve been hatching for this and one other egg target for about 3 weeks now, today this beauty appeared after 1035 scyther hatched! She got the nature and ability I wanted (technician) and all perfect IVs aside from special attack, which she won’t be making use of anyway. Wonderful end result to a somewhat lengthy hunt!

Shiny Latios!! I started this hunt back in May of 2013, put it on hold when XY came out and picked it back up in late December. Today it finally appeared! My timid sync worked as well, I couldn’t be more happy with him!

Shiny spritzee appeared for me today, after 5381 random encounters! I was on this route in hopes of ducklett, but spritzee is a wonderful shiny as well and probably the thing I wanted second most! 

Shiny Gastly hatched today after only 815 eggs!! This is a shiny I’ve always wanted. Gengar is one of my favorite pokemon and with the addition of Mega Gengar, who is my favorite mega, now seemed like the perfect time to hunt it! 

Well then! I came to the friend safari with a scynchronize abra to get a timid protein frogadier for breeding. Before I could even find one this shiny frogadier appeared. My luck with the safari on this game is insane! 

Shiny Treecko!! He hatched today after 1693 eggs. I’ve been hunting for this little guy since Pokebank’s original release date in Japan, feels amazing to have gotten him!

The second phase of my dedenne hunt yielded a shiny nidoran today, after 6159 random encounters! Route 35 in Johto is a hunt that I’ve put many hours into in the past for nidoran. So even though it’s not dedenne, I’m happy! Plus it’s pretty cool that I managed to find a shiny from both nido-families while using static for something else entirely!