Shiny Hunting

Shiny Cyndaquil! He hatched today after 412 eggs. Like my shiny totodile, he was bred in a premier ball thanks to my recent Pokemon Colosseum play through! I do already have a shiny cyndaquil in 4th gen, but I just couldn’t pass up a shiny of one of my absolute favorite pokemon in my favorite ball.

Shiny Vulpix! She hatched for me today, after 793 eggs. I’ve been meaning to do this hunt for a while, and I’m very happy with the results. She has nearly perfect IV’s and got her hidden ability, drought. I think this might even be the first time I’ve been able to breed a shiny with the hidden ability when I wanted it!

Shiny Ursaring! He appeared for me today, after 3620 random encounters! This is exactly what I was hoping for, so happy I got him. Was able to catch him in a nest ball to boot!

Shiny Gulpin appeared today, after only 502 encounters! I was hunting for Skiddo or Furfrou, but I decided not to use a repel trick so I certainly can’t complain. Gulpin is a fantastic shiny anyway~!

Shiny totodile hatched for me today, after 435 eggs! I haven’t had a ton of time to hunt lately, so it was nice to get it so quickly! If anyone is wondering how dive ball totodile is possible, the answer is Pokemon Colosseum, which I finished a replay of last month! This also completes my set of shiny johto starters, though cyndaquil and chikorita are back in 4th gen.

Shiny Spheal hatched today after 758 eggs! Spheal is such a cute pokemon with a great shiny. Bred in a dream ball as well! Makes me happy for all the time I spent collecting females in the dream world last gen. 

Shiny tyrunt!! Hatched after only 318 eggs! It’s nice to have a quick hunt after my last one got close to 2k. This is probably my favorite Gen VI shiny, it’s just so beautiful!

Shiny Mawile finally hatched for me today, after 1740 eggs!! I had a decently long mawile hunt back in the challenger’s cave, which resulted in a lickitung, so it’s nice to have her all this time later! I was able to breed her in a love ball as well, thanks to mawile being a swarm pokemon in Soul Silver.

My luck is crazy lately, so many random shinies! I found this shiny aipom unintentionally while collecting some female eevees! Monkey pokemon are generally my favorites, including aipom. Couldn’t be happier!

Shiny Vanillite!! I can’t even believe this happened. Back in 5th gen I hunted for this for literally a year. I got two shiny Herdier from it and finally put the hunt aside to come back to later. Then today while EV training, it just happened unintentionally. Gotta love it.