Shiny Hunting

It actually happened!! Shiny lugia appeared for me after 17564 soft resets! So happy to finally be able to check lugia off of my legends list. I was really hoping at least one of my targets would come before ORAS comes out, and it did! Grateful I didn’t have to master ball it as well.

Shiny Shinx! She hatched today after 407 eggs. I’ve always loved this shiny, so happy to have her! Bred in a level ball thanks to the Sinnoh sound in HGSS.

Shiny Chimchar hatched for me today, after 813 eggs! This my second one, with my first being hatched in 5th gen. This one is a girl though, which is cool. She got great IVs and even Iron fist! My luck with hidden abilities is incredible lately. 

Since my main soft reset hunt has yet to shine, I decided to go back to hatching fletchlings on the side. Today after 810 eggs this guy hatched! He got gale wings this time, too! So excited, he’s exactly what I wanted.

I seem to have the best luck when EV training! A random shiny Gligar appeared for me today while training my shiny Lucario! 

Shiny Riolu!! He hatched for me today after 632 eggs! This is actually my second shiny riolu, but my first is back in 5th gen where I plan to keep him. This one’s IV’s came out perfect as well!

My eon duo is complete at last!! I’ve been hunting for shiny latias off and on since I got latios, today she finally appeared! Way back when ruby and sapphire came out I was completely enamoured with these two, and they still remain among my favorites. So happy to finally have them both. My timid sync worked again as well!

Shiny Cyndaquil! He hatched today after 412 eggs. Like my shiny totodile, he was bred in a premier ball thanks to my recent Pokemon Colosseum play through! I do already have a shiny cyndaquil in 4th gen, but I just couldn’t pass up a shiny of one of my absolute favorite pokemon in my favorite ball.

Shiny Vulpix! She hatched for me today, after 793 eggs. I’ve been meaning to do this hunt for a while, and I’m very happy with the results. She has nearly perfect IV’s and got her hidden ability, drought. I think this might even be the first time I’ve been able to breed a shiny with the hidden ability when I wanted it!

Shiny Ursaring! He appeared for me today, after 3620 random encounters! This is exactly what I was hoping for, so happy I got him. Was able to catch him in a nest ball to boot!